Minoo’s Ganymede


Your thoughts of thanatopsis-
Exuberance, fatigue,
Go gather in a bundle; many-toned.

On a day-not far from this-
Hoist it unfurled-
A thousand-colored, many-pieced sail.

Set out to the sea, Ulysses.
To the wind and-
Sail away.

Move with the wind and Lay.
Make love with the wind and sow.
Stay with the wind, Give all!

Let the breeze-
Be sieved in through your cells,
Leave you absolutely light.

Upon the surface-
Of the ocean.

No fear,
No death,

For barefoot were we born;
In every bivouac-

To our pain,
Our deprivation,
Our love and to our tears.

Each time-
Emerges a new air,
Man afresh.

To walk with death-
With none of dread.
Shamelessly disrobed.

. . .

by Minoo Abtahi & Sina Saberi
December 2015