An abundance of wishes,
A brilliance of hope,
In fortresses of thought.

At some point I this realized:
I’m lost among the moments,
The blissfulness of kisses-
That yesterdays beheld.

I’m dazed amongst the yous-
That used to be my self;
My selves, the many selves
This I feel I wrote before?

But I also have my secrets
My tales of ‘you don’t know’,
‘you wouldn’t ever know”, as well as-
“You shall never know!”

I’m shadows too,
And darkened dare.
Blatant will.
Scorching burn.

Don’t you see the sparks-
Which glide upon my cheek?
Can you truly not them see?

Let me fade: out and away;
I have lingered here for long.

Let me break: out and apart;
Here I’ve stayed for very long.

This journey needs to travel-
To the land of ever new.

This bundle of days back
Shall be thrown in deepest blue.

The seas shall then revolt;
Outburst and overflow…

They shall thrust into the known;
Make it unknown,
“Have never known”.

And I shall drown into the present;
Which is yet to be discovered,
Ever felt.

It’s me I shall uncover and make known
This Life I need to live;

This breeze I have to breathe.
This freedom I shall fight for-
And set free.

April 2014

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