Beneath Our Eyes


The mountains look upon us
On this very dreary day

I have just returned from Mars
My soul still in pieces

The peaks in many layers
Taking glances, very still

They know our very secret
Every secret we have hid

The sun is just a moment
That does linger while it shines

It shines beneath your look
A look of null; a look of awe

I try with all my being
Holding in what needs depart

An ache of misery redundant
A trace of life, but so defiant

The solar of your eyes
Meets the mars beneath my glimpse

The tears of every sorrow
That I’ve shed forever more

It’s the mystery of tears;
Of fears, of fading hope

It’s pain beyond the stars
That has gathered in one soul

You look at me; I stare
No longer do I feign

A burst of something rare
A bliss that comes from love

We cry, we shed; we look
We can no longer delude

You’re silent, very still
So very fragile and spare

I brush away my tears
I look this pain away

To the mountains very far
To the cosmos far beyond

You keep looking, seeking more
Of this realness of a sight

You’ve no words though to describe
This moment of your life

You lay silently
And live.

February 2014

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