Cosmic Heat


– Feed me with the glow of the stars tonight…

– It’s not that I don’t want to do that; I’m just not sure if I really could.

– But I’m longing for the taste of that glow tonight; could you do it? Will you try?

– If only I could reach them I guess.

– But you haven’t even tried! Stretch out your hands, look, let me show you how it’s done. Here you go, let me feed you one…

– So? How does it feel? Tell me?

– Break your silence!

– It’s…it’s just…I never knew you could feel such feeling. What am I feeling? I feel such warmth inside; Is this how love feels? What am I in love with? Who?!

– It’s alright, now you reach out and feed me one; I’m yearning…

– I…

– Come on! It’s not all that hard; you only need to believe and reach out. Have some faith in this feeling; trust your heart; trust this sweet sensation.

– Yes, that’s right; now try to pick that shining star; feel it inside your heart and feed me with that star…

– I can feel it against my fingertips…there’s something filling up my soul…can I contain all this? I’m not certain…have never been this confused. Who am I? Could you tell me?

– It’s all fine; just feed me with that star.

– Will you be okay? Could you take it?

– Just stop thinking, stop all the empty thoughts; no more words.

– Where is this place?

– I think we both know very well where this is. This is where love takes over. This is where only warmth could be; only Life and the certainty of a heart so sure…this is where we can be, for as long as we desire, to be… this is timelessness, placelessness and the end of lack…

– I could be here forever.

– And you might’ve been; you could be if your soul wishes. Do you wish to stay here? We could live what we’re living, keep feeling what we’re feeling for as long as it’s our desire…

– Let me feed you another star; this could all end soon…

– Don’t worry; it’s night time; we’ve got all the starry skies to ourselves; we’ve got all the stars to feed from; let me feed you with all the stars in the universe tonight; your soul for sure could contain it all…you know your heart is asking for it.

– Tonight I’m all yours baby; do what you have to do with me; I want to feel it all inside. I want to feel it as much as I can feel…you make my soul fly where it never has…

– Feed me with the glow of the stars tonight baby…

September 2011

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