Let me write of Darkness today; let me tell you what Darkness is, what it does, once given reign. Darkness we have lived with for as long as we have lived. Darkness is pure power to the highest degree of strength; it does truly destroy and leaves none but Darkness. Once upon a time there was light, there was white and there was glow. Then came Darkness and took it all away.

We all hold a light within; a certain godly glow which forever we have held within our soul, that light which has contained us for as long as eternity. And then there has always been that inevitable inclination towards things of the dark and Darkness. We have tried to suppress the dark monster inside and for sure it has at times been truly suppressed. We have put on smiles where only sour pouts were meant to be. We have nodded where deep inside we have shouted disagreement. We have done things which were the last things on our minds or in our hearts. We have said we are okay with things we have truly despised and on the spur of the moment, we have truly imploded in silence.

The Darkness though, has always been there, somewhere, crawling amongst our many unsatisfied moments of existence; many moments have not truly ever existed, for we have suffocated a true heart’s desire and have fought with the Darkness inside, our Darkness.

The moment comes in every person’s life when the Darkness takes control and we have to give in and let go of the self, of the light of all that has ever “mattered” so much.

The moment does come…

That’s when there is no light, no glow or no white; it’s all black. The soul aches in pain and instead of that smile, that nod, all that accord there’s only the dark; instead of that implosion in silence; there is many an explosion, all deafening and fatal. Yes, when the Darkness takes over, there’s none but the Darkness, of the very destructive kind.

Do we let our Darkness overtake? Do we let go of it all? What we do does never matter; and yet it does! It’s all a decision; it’s all a choice; on that spur of the moment when Darkness is at our door.

October 2011

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