Daydreaming Light


We all get interrupted
With the interludes of Life
Interruption or eruption
Some corruption and some Love

We all do face the darkness
Sometimes darkness could be light
All this darkness-
Shall bring with it of Life

Don’t you worry little boy;
Insecurity’s a bitch!
You’re a man; you are woman
All those woes do make you man

All the pain, your oozing tears
Shall make you misbehave someday
And that’s a good thing little boy
Cause it makes you misbehave

And when you do that little boy-
A little man’s made out of you
A little man, a tiny man
A man who’s minuscule

But don’t you worry little man
I’m also man, a little man-
Who’s ever lost in loss for words
Who’s ever loss; to all his thoughts

A little man, a little boy
A little woe as well as man
Yet I walk on all these paths
And I talk through all the wrath-

Till I’m left with none of woes
With none of words, with none of wrath
Till I’m intertwined with love
With none of loss; with none of rust

Yes I walk it; all the way!
Don’t look at cars when you’re in traffic
Look at skies, the bluest skies
They go gray before you know it

And so what if they went gray?
Or even black; the darkest act!
Black brings with it of rain
Darkness isn’t ever filled with pain

Take it off; your shadow, shoe and shawl
Your miracle’s at hand
It’s in your hand, comes through your heart
All you’ve ever dreamt of Light

October 2012

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