There’s this magic that I feel
Through the moments that I breathe

There’s this music which I hear
So euphoric and still

Feels like kisses in the rain
Sunlit moments no pain

I’m there and I’m not here
So connected yet I feel

To that which I have been
To that which I have lived

This solitude of dreams
This reality of myths

Which I’ve lived
Which I have breathed

What I long for is a moment
That’s eternal, that just is

The little prince, the boy that feels
The boy that stands out and believes

You fade for me one moment
Yet you lingers as you are

Someone else, somebody far
Yet it’s closeness that exists

Constant struggles of a lifetime
Numerous hassles that beseech

Do it not, no do it not!
But then do it, do it now!

No don’t do it, do it not!
I’m done with all that does us doom.

I’m done with daring which has drained
All this heart of mine beheld

Through millennia at end
All this time, I only fade

To me you’re just a friend
Endless melodies on end

All you were was cautious kisses
Random glimpse of here and there

And your lips were but the answer
To the lack of that which reigned

I’m filled with tears and with death
Every breath does suffocate and ache

You want to leave it all behind
To break free and yet, you can?

You taught me about pains of feeling love
And then you left me and you died?

You are never ever there!
Nonexistence of a presence

Disappearance of a soul
Of sensations which prevail

Fading shreds, of light
Of hope and sweetness of abyss

It’s a bliss beyond my thoughts
And yet I feel what I can feel

If only for a moment…
I’ve been happy, I have been!

To the realm of living dreams
I take flight.

In this land of dozen doubts
You see, I have never ever lived.

July 2014

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