I rummaged through my heart
Yet I found it through your touch

I looked into the depths;
Of your lustful, liquid eyes

I found it somewhere in there
It blew up your disguise

Was it comfort? Was I right?
Was it heartlessness & fright?

Yet I found it; something real
Something lackless and surreal

As I stopped to look inside
Your shining drops of stupor;

I could see it, Could much feel it
All you held, my fingers felt

So I rummaged through my lust
Just to see if I’d been right

I touched & rubbed; I rolled
Just to feel it through the touch

But I found it once again
It felt right once and again

And it wasn’t just that touch
It couldn’t be only a touch

I felt it, something bright
You touched me with your heart

So I knew that very instant
I had found out what it was

As I rummaged through my heart
Another presence I did find

Not your lust; neither my heart
Just the merge of brimming hearts

January 2012

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