You empty me of something-
Which I’ve tried on end to fill

You make me feel like something-
That I’ve never meant to be

I come to you, regardless;
Just to do that thing you wish

My feet, they come and take me-
Where I’ve never planned to be

My eyes, they meddle with me-
Show me visions so surreal

Oh I’ve longed for it to be there:
Heartfelt passion, sunlit fields

And I’ve yearned for me to be there-
As that ever-shining soul

But my selves, my many selves-
Have deprived me of that wish

My masks, my many masks-
Have held me captive as I’ve breathed

But I’ve tried to be a new man;
Every day I’ve made a pact

It’s me that I’ve been after;
‘Someone’, ‘someday’ has been ’me’!

It’s Life, this Ever After;
This mystery of Times…

It’s us, whom we are after;
That soul we seek on Tides

It’s us, and yet it’s not;
No, we haven’t dared to be.

It’s change, the need to stop;
All we’ve seen we’ve overseen!

It’s time to be the eyes-
That can look beyond the skies

It’s time to see the lies,
That we’ve ever synchronized

May 2013

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