Karma is the name of-
This pleasure in the pain
Codex through a crypt is-
All sufficient, no crusade.

So abundant is the rain;
None of gain if none of pain.
Don’t you feign a soul of Light-
If your darkness you don’t love.

It’s perilous and cursed-
What to you does not belong.
Don’t you dare to touch the fruit-
Which is prone to pain of soul.

Your eyes do ever shine when-
Filled with passion, so divine.
Your look does never lie and-
Yet is bound your loving heart.

It’s sufficient, just a smile;
Yes, It’s ample, just your eyes.
I have been there and I am-
And I will be in your arms.

In yet another lifetime,
Other placelessness of times.
In worlds and epochs far-
Beyond this very now!

We have been there, you & I.
We both know who we have been.
We have seen it, felt its warmth;
We have loved, have seen the light.

January 2014

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