You will leave, when it’s time.
Not a single second soon.

You will see what you will see.
Not a single scene left out.

You will be with whom you will.
Not a single soul would fade.

It’s a story that’s been told-
Upon centuries on end.

It’s been written someplace else-
Where we’ve never ever known.

It’s a telos, so-called fate!
Something doubt cannot attain.

Can you see beyond the seas?
Can you capture something true?

The ocean’s draught; the fire’s cold-
Is that something you could feel?

The weaves of thunder, silent waves-
Are they things you can behold?

A naked soul, a loving heart-
Would you leave right at the door?

If you knew it were tomorrow-
Would you leave it all aside?

That which pained your every second;
That which tore apart your hope?

Would you smile upon the lies-
That you’ve told, you will have told?

Would you be what you have been-
That you have hidden, have not shown?

Can you breathe upon this breeze-
That is here this very moment?

Can you see that which is present-
This thing that’s to be seen?

Will you be with me this second-
Will you leave right now? It’s time.

May 2014

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