The White Room, The Orange Lilly


The girl takes another drag and coughs some more; now with tears in her eyes, goes:

–          I was going to have a croissant but the corner scratched my throat as it was going down.

Coughs some more and spatters what looks like bits of a grayish paste into the face of the boy.

The boy blurts out:

–          You are spitting all over my face!

–          Well, you’re the one who started the day off with the sweet topic of diarrhea, remember? I’m utterly sorry if a few chunks of soft croissant on your face deem unpleasant dear.

They find themselves back in the room.

–          Did you close the door?

–          No.


–          Well, did YOU close the door?

–          No.

–          So, who closed the door?

–          Well, I didn’t. I don’t know!

–          Well, neither did I, you know…

They laugh, now leaving the room behind. They enter darkness. A candle is lit in the corner, on a side table, neighboring a bed, covered by black and purple satin sheets. The room resembles the white room with the single orange Lilly in the corner. They stand there, looking into each other’s eyes for a very long moment, in absolute silence. The shimmering light as well as the dancing shadows, reflecting and streaming in their eyes… they keep looking into one another’s eyes for an eternity. Days go by, weeks, months, years on end…until suddenly, on that very fateful moment…

–          So, what are you waiting for?

–          Well, I’m waiting for you…

–          I was here all along, in case you never noticed.

–          But were you present? What were YOU waiting for?

–          What I was waiting for is completely irrelevant…

–          Oh I see. Well, shall we just keep waiting?

–          Alright then.

Back in the white room, the orange Lilly is looking upon two figures in the distant whites of the room. They seem to get closer, becoming one. The orange Lilly witnesses a certain flow in their movement. The Orange Lilly is possessed by a phoenix. Dust after fire, fire after dust…The merge of the two figures into one is still quite visible.

–          I am leaving.

–          It’s alright, goodbye.

Another lengthy kiss, back to the outside world, beyond the rooms, the Lilly and the candle…

The End

September 2013

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