Tree Half


I’m lost for words
The thunder speaks
Does roar the storm-
This very moment.

It’s me I face amongst the winds
People fade for moments, plenty
They are gone.

Come take me,
Make me vanish-
Into nothingness and more.

Take me with you
To the realm of no return.
I need vanquish;
This I know.

This moment I have ached-
For lives, for lies relentless;
Empty lies right to my eyes.

Take me from this-
Timelessness of mine,
To the land of ever-been.

I am yours, I’m to be taken;
By your hands-
Upon my wings.

I cannot roar-
Nor can I growl
Would you do so in my stead?

I am scared to be destroyed
To be diminished,
And devoured.

Could you be instead my claws?
My awe on end, my awe!
My venom and my bile?

I need to die;
Will you kill me?
Give me life?

I am ill of what I’ve known,
Will you take me to my home?

I beseech thee, I implore.
If any power you possess,
On you bestowed by all the gods,
Do make it shown.

Make it known.
Have me believe it:
That you can!

I feel all.
Maybe I am-
What I am not.

June 2014

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