Boy & Girl

Ten years later, when they “ran into” each other, both their yearning hearts started pumping blood and adrenaline so bad. Finally “that day” had arrived and it was all they had dreamt of and rehearsed and pictured for the last one hundred and twenty months.  The beautiful city, the spring time, the mid-day sunny blue sky all represented the beauty and joy of this day for them both.

The girl was very distant and looked rather uninterested; she looked all independent and powerful as if she’d be the leader of a major feminist movement any day.  But the boy knew she was just playing hard to get; of course after a ten-year wait it seemed a little bit unnecessary the boy thought; but regardless of this he just let her be and knew how she really felt inside.

The boy had gotten older of course, a few wrinkles here and there had only made him look more sophisticated, but his antics every now and then told the story of his adolescent days once more and brought a long-lost smile to the beautiful lips of the girl. The boy had turned into a man who looked like a little boy and that’s what he was; he still looked at her with the same wondering, curious eyes; mostly silent, just looking.

The girl talked of her achievements and all that she had done for humanity while the boy listened and was only amazed form time to time of all that she had obtained. They talked of very trivial matters for quite a while until that longing urge told them to stop and start talking about the real stuff.

The boy asked her if she remembered their very special day while the girl lied about it and looked confused about the details which were meticulously depicted by the boy. The boy was shocked, although a part of him knew what the girl really meant by acting all confused. She still wasn’t sure of his feelings and her own limits at this point. The girl was very very cautious you see.

This was when the boy decided to switch back to trivial things and tried to shift it all. When he talked of his miseries and loneliness suddenly…

The woman spoke out. She said how this connection had affected her for life and how authentic the whole thing had been that ever since she hadn’t been able to find anything close to it.

The boy, for the first time felt as if the girl had been actually honest to her feelings towards him.

The boy kissed her very passionately while still she could observe traces of doubt inside her head even while doing the only thing she had thought of for god only knows how long. The boy was just doing what felt right, what had felt right inside his head and in her heart for the last ten years. He was suddenly in the picture he had lived through his head every night, sleeping in his loneliness.

The woman too, was in the picture, and yet she was somewhere else, still unsure. She felt lifted and loved and yet…she was thinking.

Then the boy just looked at her some more and tried to take it all in. he simply couldn’t let go of this image, this very real and at the same time surreal image of passion and desire.

The woman was burning with passion as well and yet, for some reason, she still saw herself outside of this, still considering her options. She was keeping the guy busy by dancing to a song they both loved, she kept dancing and dancing and dancing while…

The Man was sitting in a close distant, only looking, taking it all in, very very silently with a burning heart.

August 2010

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