Golden Greens


In my dream, where I sat, I was suddenly a cactus.

I was in a pot, a pot of mud, was home for a cactus.

The cactus was touched and caressed every day

Every day when the sun came out and shown right through the window.

Its rays so bright, so golden brown, went right inside the velvety greens;

The velvety greens of a cactus which was in that pot of mud;

He loved and dearly adored me; that gentle loving soul

He looked at me and held this smile, he had this pretty smile.

At times he touched a part of me so softly I could cry.

I would cry if I could in fact, for love of that kind is just divine.

He’d even move the muddy pot, just to give me enough light;

Through those moments of day, where the sun went elsewhere to give love;

He’d even rotate the muddy pot, that gentle caring soul

To even out the rays of light which came right through the window;

Given I could love as he did, I’d want to be a man someday;

To give and love and adore as he did, would be all I do all day.


And he heard:

I’d be a cactus in a muddy pot any given day;

I’d cease to be a man one day and be a sunny ray

Which flows right through the window and

Touches and loves your golden greens all day

I’d be the flowing light of day, running right through the window

The windows everywhere, just right through the glass

I’d be a caring ray of light instead of a gentle loving soul

I’ll be love itself and yet somehow manage to give

I’d be but not even a single ray of light which fades

In that moment when the sun goes elsewhere to play

I’d be fading right through the darkness

When no light is to be giving any love

Right through the window

To that gentle loving soul

Or those lovely golden greens.

April 2010

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