Legacy of the Gypsy Girl

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On a very humid summer mid-day, when the sun is scorching hot, in the park, under the cooling shade of a weeping willow sits a gypsy girl; among her other gypsy girlfriends, she’s reflecting quietly, sitting there in her many-layered, many-colored dress which is a little bit shabby and dirty here and there. Her beautiful long hair, fluttering and flowing under the golden rays of sun is a little damp. She’s looking down, towards the glimmering green grass, freshly cut.

The other gypsy girls have formed a circle and are playing one of their many colorful, gypsy games. They are playing the game, very joyfully, with no cares in the world. One can see their dirty, colorful clothes and the shredded layers of their many-layered, many-colored dresses very vividly under the bright, burning sun. they’re playing a game, laughingly.

Our quiet gypsy girl has eyes of creamy, caramel gold; With those creamy caramel eyes she looks through the rays and beyond the little park, right beyond the mountains and through the shattered horizon. She seeks something; Something rare.

The man suddenly emerges out of thin air. He’s big and bulky with a blackened face and filthy hands. His hands are charcoal black and his face, smudgy. He has disheveled hair and is wearing a muddied white shirt; or perhaps a shirt which once used to be white.  He makes his way through the game-playing lot and moves directly towards the girl; our girl.

From afar, I can only witness that very harshly he asks the girl to go with him. The girl just sits there, very indifferently and does nothing. He starts acting all desperate and childish, the girl says none and only sits there. He then does what appears to be very loud shouting because for a few minutes the other girls pause their game and look their way; they get on with their game shortly after. The girl sits even more firmly on the grass and does not move. The man gets hold of her arm and forces her to go with her, she persists. The man becomes a monster. Down from the creamy, caramel golden eyes of the girl, come a few drops of dew and glitter in the golden rays of the sun. her lips, tied.

He pulls her very harshly once more & drags her on the freshly-cut grass as the girl struggles to let go. He grabs her tiny wrists and takes her away.

The next moment, I see no more of her colorful beauty among the greens of the park on that golden summer day.

May 2011

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