My You


Remember this? Remember that December?
Or perhaps it was September
Or November, don’t remember!
It was us and only us and no one else
But you and me
You were mine, right in my thoughts
You were the one and only love
Thought I was yours as much as
You were only mine
It was a dream, a living dream
This being near, this being close
You left and I was gone away
You took you and you left
The emptiness was felt and
Left me only pain and ache
I wept and wept and cried as I
Cried for just your love
You heard me or you didn’t
Or you didn’t want to hear
You left me and I saw you every
Night when skies were dark
I’d close my eyes and see you near
And see you close to me
You faded more and more each day
Yet you lingered more inside
But you’d left me and that left me
With one feeling; one of pain
Today though, things are different
I have found a you that feels
A you who’d love and show me
That love you never did!
A you that holds me tightly and
Who lets me hold them very near
A you who’s just as tiny
Just as sweet and playful too
I love this you that I have found
It’s awesome how we love and love
And when we do make love or more
It seems to me it’s you love!
It’s you whom I love so dearly
And who so dearly loves me more
It’s this you who I’ve found right now
It’s that you who I really love
It’s all good my lovely baby
Except for one tiny fact
The fact that this you that I’ve found right now
Isn’t really truly you.

February 2011

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