Narcissus: Delve or Dive

In the creamy world of chocolate bliss all you’re ever expecting and looking for is pleasure and bliss; that sweet taste of creamy desire melting right there, where it should and nowhere else. The creamy texture touches your insides and leaves places moist; inside your mouth that is. You want to just lie somewhere and be blown away by all the movement that’s happening and recurring inside you, in your soul; you want to be very still.

Elsewhere though, you’d really want to get up, push your way through all the crowds and be left with only one other body and soul; half a soul even and you would like to lick the chocolate off their bare skin. But this time it’s salty as well as sweet; it’s all the taste you’ve ever been after, all your tongue has ever been seeking. You would love to be left with just the taste and that sensation felt beneath your many places, your skin and inside your soul.

The look of something pretty that you die to wake up and see; the sight of that certain something that drives you absolutely into a frenzy where you just want to feel more and more, that’s what you live for. In that place where pleasure is the least of all the pleasure you’re ever gonna receive and where an orgasms is just the beginning; that’s where you’d want to be. Where you can see all you think of as absolute beauty and you may have all the beauty inside, outside.

In that lost world of your dreams where nature itself gets confused and loses her way, its way, you can be still and then move forward and just dance to the music of inner joy. Your heart can be ignited and it shall bring warmth forever and more. You can touch the wind as it moves swiftly through your many souls and many bodies as it swiftly travels beneath your skin.

You would’ve if you ever could have, gotten right out of your own body and made love to that body which has held your soul inside for so long; for only you would’ve known how to make love to what would’ve been left of your soul: the body. You would’ve touched that body in those many places where it would’ve given you all the pleasure that you’d ever known of pleasure itself. You would’ve kissed you if you had the chance, because only you would’ve known how to kiss those lips that are so thirsty for that kiss you hold. You would’ve laid your fingers on that head, between all those locks; for only you would’ve known how lacked, a touch from those touching fingers is for them. Only you would’ve known the many senses it would sense, and only you would’ve known what textures the tongue was to feel. Yes you and only you.

The mirror though, was no friend to you and you had to leave long ago. You had to be where all the other souls were and were nature would take control. You would go places that the wind so harshly would put you through and you would cover all your being because of the cold. It was a long way to that unknown destination where you were headed. And you chose the path to that place; wherever it was. You managed to drown yourself in that surface where that lie began to draw you in. and to have known of the depth was not your intention; you just wanted to sit by the lake and make love to that lover who kept looking at all your being, admiring every single part; all the irresistible beauty.

December 2010

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