Narcissus on the Run


“Narcissus so himself himself forsook,

And died to kiss his shadow in the brook.”

The story of Narcissus is in fact a myth. A myth of great profundity. I grasp it so well and relate to it exclusively! This is how it goes:

The handsome guy is SO in love with his own image reflected in the pool that eventually he’s doomed to be drowned in this pool. From the spot he drowns, later grows a flower which is called the Narcissus.

This is what they tell us of the story of Narcissus but if you’re just a tiny bit smarter than most people or if you even simply THINK just a bit more you’d see it the way it really is.

You see; Our fellow simply appreciates his whole being and is grateful for all he’s been granted. The notions considered as cockiness and uptightness are merely false interpretations of the actual sensation he’s trying to maintain.

All the people reprimand our young fellow cause he’s using mirrors to see life instead of a clear transparent vision. But do they stop to think that maybe it’s the reflection that makes us see the reality more clearly than the reality itself? That perhaps in a mirror you can’t help but see what REALLY is there and not an illusion whatsoever?

I, for one, understand the boy really well. He’s not proud. He’s in love with the beauty born out of love itself. He merely gets it; feels it; lives it and loves it. In his head, there’s a heart and not a brain. In his chest; a piece of rock, oh so cold.

It pains him how those around him do not dare to be just as free. In a world filled with self-made traps, how can he lead the life he has in mind and be understood by all? or at least those of greater kinship? he feels so lonely, our little child. He IS a child after all; Let’s not forget. He DOES need love and a shoulder to cry on at times.

His tough, sweet and perfect exterior probably has a better chance at survival than the inner being it carries around. But you see it’s not the body he cares so much about; Let’s not be mistaken about that once more!

Narcissus, I’m sure, Has had but very few encounters with the likes of himself. How it has gone I’m not sure. He’s tried doubtlessly but perhaps not enough. He’s alone as I said and that’s what makes him dread; Dread his every single step. He has to be perfect you see, Poor guy.

I’d like to think the whole “being drowned in the pool” bit was a lie. or at least some kind of figurative speech the complication of which is impossible to get hold of for me. Cause the Narcissus that I knew wouldn’t be gone JUST LIKE THAT. He’s got so much more to see and feel. So many “moments” he has to live. So many desires to fulfill.

Oh no; The Narcissus that I know is not one to drown. He floats and rises in such glory. The sun would even pout.

August 2010

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