Night Aglow


A stranger in the stark dark park
Was walking right beside me
At times, even behind me
As that skinny dog who’d bark

Felt like a Hitchcock movie
So mystic and so hazy
I felt like not a prey though
Nights like this would just amaze me

The night at park was dark I said
But it was a lie I realize
For there were stars and hopeful glow
And they would flicker like tearful eyes

My eyes were wet and I was high
If only on a memory
Which stood right there and drew me near
As I stepped right in the balcony

I sat right there with doubt and tear
Right inside the gazebo
Where we’d sat one night and reminisced
And had been for once not lonely people

It tortured me and held me high
The memory of an aftertaste
The brimming of a hopeful heart
The ending of an endless start

When I left the park and all the dark
As if running to myself,
I just looked back and saw the dog
And the stranger was my self

October 2010

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