Strange Lovers in Darkness


The eye sees black
of an endless lack
lying on their back
Their feelings rather packed

The heart hears a beat
Of another part a heat
The pounding of deceit
In their loneliness they meet

A lover of the stranger kind
Of something bizarre to the mind
It flows inside the darkness
And mingles the now two blind

They long and burn inside
And shiver right outside
Where it’s cold and dark
Now the eyes with better sight

In the blackness of a quiet night
Filled with something of delight
The pounding stops
But the shivers not!

They intertwine afar
With the door just left ajar
And make a tiny movement
To bring close what’s far

Soft sounds with whispers delicate
Are heard in every silhouette
Shadows have stopped to be right now
their movements all deliberate!

There’s a moment of pure stillness
In the midst of all the madness
The sanity of a burning heart
Is long gone with the sadness

The heart has skipped a beat
It’s been silenced in defeat
It has given up and let go
Of all its rusty beats

A rhythm flows inside the room
Of navy blue and black maroon
The head does feel a nudge inside
Outside what’s felt’s a boom

Their eyes wide open meet right now
And feel the fear and don’t know how
They move inside the other’s torch
They speak with mere know-how

There’s a rush of something scary
There’s stillness; it’s all blurry
There’s a feeling of a love inside
Which flows right where it should be

They move to make it happen
It flows where they’ve never
ever been to, ever known of
But it’s happened like it’s never.

October 2011

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