The Lonely Snowman

New Picture

Silent nights are on the way again and once more they want to remind me of all the joy and warmth they represent despite the glistening cold they bring… Oh how we used to have so much fun together… Remember? We’d just walk and walk for hours in the snow, Keeping quiet so that we could hear only the soothing sound of snow melting under our feet; Hand in hand… How can I ever forget that warmth? the warmth of your hand and the touch…oh yes the touch.the touch was…well…see? Still no words.

It’s ironic how the warmth of the fireplace never made us hot…or at least not me for I was already burning inside with love…your love? perhaps.or maybe we’ll just never know…I know I won’t. Not anytime soon anyways. By the way; Do you know? I mean…I know I’m kinda in denial but are you as well or is this just a one-way thing? I hope not…Although as I said; We’ll never know…

Remember that night? Yes, The one with the Snowman. Funny how it still puts a smile on my lips… Aw lips… Speaking of which, Have missed the sweet taste of yours you know… It’s been quite a while but the taste still lingers. Oh how it freshens my soul…

The Snowman yet is lonely; For no one touched or kissed him, So lonely in the freezing cold. Well of course going near the fire is not an option for him… And neither is holding hands… What can he do then? Perhaps waiting for a calming snow just like the one we had.

December 2009

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