The Passing Path

Just an ordinary day; an ordinary walk along some unimportant path which leads someplace known.

Who’s walking? he is. Who is he? He knows. That should suffice.

As fate would have it for him, he happens to pass this guy, something in his eye: interest. Pure interest. He doesn’t know what kind, but is allured in a way. Pretends not to see him show some gesture. He passes the guy, and then pauses, stops, goes back, takes out one of the ear phones and acts as if the guy had something important to ask.

He only asks the time. As a starter; he knows. They both know that. The guy then asks where he’s headed. He answers. He’s not even shocked.

He answers in a very matter-of-fact way. he asks if he’s in a rush. “yes.” He replies. He asks about his job. Small talk with an incentive for sure.

The guy’s words and his eyes don’t match. He then says: “you must dance well.” Not so shocked at the question, impulsively he replies: “sometimes.”

It all happens so fast and so swiftly; so smoothly as if they have both rehearsed this scene and their lines many many times.

The setting’s early fall; in the streets. The time of change, that of madness.

He tells him to give him his phone number. He doesn’t hesitate. He’s paying close attention to his teeth. They are yellow and dirty. Haven’t been brushed for only god knows how long. He doesn’t judge him, just looks. He is rather interested. He senses a tinge of danger too.

He leaves. They part. He’s certain he’d see him soon. There’s something in it for them both. He knows.

Sometime later he contacts him. He calls him by a very awkward name. this is when it hits him. He tries to escape. Not in a very discreet fashion. He sees him. He’s very intense. Tense. He asks if he’s in a rush. A very harsh “yes.” Is all he gets. Accompanied by a “what for?”

“I wanna spend time working my way on your lips.” He blurts.

He’s taken aback now. But he rather gets the point. He gives a faint laugh and looks into his eyes and tells him: “oh! So that’s what this is about.” And then lets him know he’s not in.

He’s perturbed but not hopeless. He must’ve been almost certain. One can tell by the look in his eyes.

He tries to prove him wrong, but only gets a smile of confirmation. A sweet smile followed by some small talk. Just like when it all began. And so they depart; again.

He’s walking along some unimportant path which leads someplace known; but it just isn’t an ordinary day anymore.

November 2009

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