Had a guitar to save and there was a lake
In did I go, cautious no to let the guitar drown
I held it up and swam upwards
Just when I looked downward and underneath

The dark and amazing water world
With all the fish and creatures
The sunken ships and rubbled rocks
The turquoise green around the curve

Some fear I had and some doubt to swim
By this point sans guitar!
I had let it go and swam downward
Just to explore below

Beauty of the underlake
Just made my head spun
I had seen of this beauty elsewhere
Just the night before

The glowing gleam of sunlit weed
Just around the bottom land
And twists and turns of curvy hills
And mythological creatures

Such peace and quiet deep down
Such motion with such stillness
I floated like a fish down there
I could see though, like an eagle

I’d have seen more had I had the time
For I had the will inside.

September 2010

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