To create and write a verse or two
Had been always my agenda
But this mental constipation
Had been something of forever

To be different, to be absolutely different;
Has never been and never will
Be something done so easily
Be something done that swiftly

To be the one with thunder thoughts
And to gleam with lightning strikes
Has never been an easy thing;
It has never been for everyone

The anger of a unicorn who
Gallops through stormy jungle
If even through the sunny fields,
Has always caused a fight or two

The danger of a growling ghoul
Amongst the rugged, rocky cliffs
If even through the blossom springs
Has ever been of no delight

And the soothing pain of sorrow
Of that bleeding heart of angels
Has always been, forever will
Be filled with something crimson

We’re the angels, we’re the giants
We’re the trotters through the jungles
We’re feisty through the blossoms
We will shout in silent valleys

We’re the cause of lightning thunders
We would growl in grueling anger
We are different, we are different
It’s not easy and never has been.

December 2010

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