Have you ever missed that touch which you have never had?
Have you yearned for it so badly, that it has become your every living moment? Have you been able to close your eyes and almost feel the warm sensation against your skin and has your flesh truly felt its heat?
But still, it’s that one touch you’ve never had.
Have you ever read that poem which has never been written?
Have you been able to read the words, feel their flow and dance to their godly harmonious non-existence? Has it moved you soul to feet and shaken up your soul and left you with only an unquenchable thirst of wanting more?
And yet, it’s that poem which has never been written.
And have you ever lost that lover whom you have never really had?
Have you just loved them day and night and cherished only solely their soul and their being? Have you held them ever so tightly and made love to only them and have given your all to their love; your love? Have you spent countless hours since the very beginning till forever more just loving them?
And still, your lover is one who has never truly been your lover; that lover hasn’t ever been yours.
And yet, you’ve lost them somehow…
It’s almost like a touch so longed for or a poem so heartfelt but unheard of…
So I will touch and sing and love and be the end of an endless lack…
Today, I will fill myself with love and I will sing to me some more…
Yet I will still wait for that touch; yes, I would wait…

March 2011

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