Senses in Beirut

© Jimmy Dabbagh

During the Beirut International Platform of Dance in April of 2017, Loic Perela together with 3 of the dancers from his piece, Senses were invited to perform the piece in Beirut.

As part of Moultaqa Leymoun organized by Maqamat Dance Theater, a workshop was given by Loic and two dancers from the Leymoun artists (Hoor Malas and Sina Saberi) were selected to join the dancers, learn the piece and perform it within bipod 2017.

About Senses:

“SENSES is an attempt to embrace the human senses as the elements that bind us human beings. In this fast and rapidly changing world, where agendas dictate our lives, we seem to keep longing for more without really knowing why. Can we slow down and pay attention to what surrounds us? To see, hear, feel, taste and smell. How can we use the natural functions of our body to (re-)discover and embrace the world around us to its full potential?”


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