In October 2019, Parwin Claudia Hadinia invited a group of performers to join her for a dance creation looking at sociology, biology and choreography. Parwin studied in New York with Martha Graham, Ruth Currier and Milton Meyers in the eighties and for the last 20 years, has been teaching within the Iranian dance community. in Beezamān, a big group of 18 performers consisting of both older and more recent students of Parwin join her in this landscape of dance in Iran.

Rehearsals have been ongoing since November 2019 and the piece will premier in Tehran sometime in July 2020.

Stay tuned for more information.

inside the closet

© Mahsa Noori . Tehran 2019

A collaboration among fashion designer, Sara Ghajar (XSOL), photographer Atoosa Alebouyeh, Musician, Mohamad Nikpour and performing artists, Sina Saberi in Tehran’s Comode Design Space.

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If we were to translate the word ’embody’ into Farsi, we could say ‘to find a body’. Here, ‘the body’ is imagined as a tool to receive, understand and transform space. The space that informs the body and then, the body that moves in space and transforms, itself. How this ’embodiment’ manifests, is what we could observe here, depending on our individual, but also collective perspective.

Pulling The Strings

© Ali Sabooki / The Tehran Times

Pulling the Strings: A Marionette by Araz Fazaeli is a collaboration among The Tehran Times*, a number of Iranian Fashion Designers from all over the world, a team of photographers and two performers who played the role of marionette puppets in this editorial. The idea behind the project was first, to make a big multi-disciplinary collaboration possible bringing people together from various fields. A dance clip was also made alongside the editorial which could be found on the Instagram page of TheTehranTimes.

* From its inception in 2012, The Tehran Times has continuously sought to frame Iran’s thriving street fashion, lifestyle and pop culture from Tehran’s bleeding edge.

Senses in Beirut

© Jimmy Dabbagh

During the Beirut International Platform of Dance in April of 2017, Loic Perela together with 3 of the dancers from his piece, Senses were invited to perform the piece in Beirut.

As part of Moultaqa Leymoun organized by Maqamat Dance Theater, a workshop was given by Loic and two dancers from the Leymoun artists (Hoor Malas and Sina Saberi) were selected to join the dancers, learn the piece and perform it within bipod 2017.

About Senses:

“SENSES is an attempt to embrace the human senses as the elements that bind us human beings. In this fast and rapidly changing world, where agendas dictate our lives, we seem to keep longing for more without really knowing why. Can we slow down and pay attention to what surrounds us? To see, hear, feel, taste and smell. How can we use the natural functions of our body to (re-)discover and embrace the world around us to its full potential?”


Sideways Rain in Beirut

© Natalie Salsa . April 2016 . Chouf

Within the framework of Moutaqa Leymoun organized by Maqamat Dance Theater, 12 artists from all over the middle east were invited to Beirut during Beirut International Platform of Dance to present their own work and also collaborate in a very special project. We trained and learned ALIAS/Guilherme Botelho’s Sideways Rain up in the mountains of Chouf. The choreographer himself together with 4 dancers of the company helped us learn the piece very intensively and then the piece was performed during BIPOD festival.


MaHa ‘body movement’ Festival

© Sanaz Raeisi . March 2016 . Tehran

MaHa ‘body movement‘ Festival had its first edition in the March of 2016. one year after ‘No. 3, Tehran’ the collective was able to receive the permission to initiate this overground ‘body movement’ festival with the support of Dramatic Arts Center of Iran and Daa Theater House and present 9 choreographic pieces by 9 artists. This festival went on for 9 days and welcomed a large number of people and made it to the public press. The significant point about this approved ‘body movement’ festival is the fact that it was a first since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Some of the pieces presented in this festival are still touring internationally.

The list of works presented in the festival is as follows:

Room by Heeva Sedaqat
She by Armineh Astanbood
Prelude by Sina Saberi
Translation by Sanaz Raeisi
Parantheses by Maryam Bagheri Nesami
Shekarpareh by Mitra Ziaee Kia
Passage by Irandokht Yousefi
Suddenly by Mostafa Shabkhan

No. 3, Tehran

© Hooman Nobakht . March 2015 . Tehran

During this private event which took place in the underground studio of MaHa Collective, long before MaHa was founded, we presented 8 short pieces. Most of these works were the first choreographic tryouts of the artists involved. At the time, independent dance artist, Mostafa Shabkhan was in charge of training and mentorship for all these artists. This event took place for about one week and in our audience we welcomed film makers, visual artists, musicians, theater directors, performers etc. from various fields in order to share our choreographic experiences and also receive feedback for our processes. The artists involved in the project were: Mostafa Shabkhan, Maryam Bagheri Nesami, Mitra Ziaee Kia, Armineh Astanboos, Sanaz Raeisi, Shirin Farshbaf, Soroush Kariminejad, Mahsa Ranjbarian, Soheyla Salehi, Pooneh Baniasad & Ava Golkar.