Daring Decisions

New Picture (2)

Circles and Shadows and Curves,
Things of Mystic Nature.
Flat Lines and Light and Loops,
Things of Endless Lack.

In Circles I Dwindle
In Shadows I Dream
In Curves I Flatly Lie
Flat Lines and Light and Loops,
These are but Hefty Lies.

Trees and Moss and Pebbles,
Ever-growing Mysteries.
Corners, Centers and Empty Rooms,
Lonely Darkly Gloom.

I Climb the trees
I Feel the Moss
I Walk Among the Pebbles
The Corners, Centers, Empty Rooms
Are Never-Crossing Paths!

December 2009



Had a guitar to save and there was a lake
In did I go, cautious no to let the guitar drown
I held it up and swam upwards
Just when I looked downward and underneath

The dark and amazing water world
With all the fish and creatures
The sunken ships and rubbled rocks
The turquoise green around the curve

Some fear I had and some doubt to swim
By this point sans guitar!
I had let it go and swam downward
Just to explore below

Beauty of the underlake
Just made my head spun
I had seen of this beauty elsewhere
Just the night before

The glowing gleam of sunlit weed
Just around the bottom land
And twists and turns of curvy hills
And mythological creatures

Such peace and quiet deep down
Such motion with such stillness
I floated like a fish down there
I could see though, like an eagle

I’d have seen more had I had the time
For I had the will inside.

September 2010



My half-decorous poetry
Was all I had to offer, when
I stepped right in the dark room
And felt the dark take over

I swam across the dimmed room
And was about to become bare, when
I heard a voice and felt the moist
Which then wrapped me up in haven

I tried to get a taste of
The flesh which flowed all over
When I heard the smell of something
which then fed on me and lingered

It fed and fed and ravaged
All my flesh and all my being
It fed on me for hours
Until I stopped to let it

I stopped to let it do it
For as long as it had want to;
For had I haven’t done that
It would’ve never let go

I wanted it to be there
And to give me all the pleasure
It’s just I couldn’t handle
All the love and all the pressure

August 2010

Night Aglow


A stranger in the stark dark park
Was walking right beside me
At times, even behind me
As that skinny dog who’d bark

Felt like a Hitchcock movie
So mystic and so hazy
I felt like not a prey though
Nights like this would just amaze me

The night at park was dark I said
But it was a lie I realize
For there were stars and hopeful glow
And they would flicker like tearful eyes

My eyes were wet and I was high
If only on a memory
Which stood right there and drew me near
As I stepped right in the balcony

I sat right there with doubt and tear
Right inside the gazebo
Where we’d sat one night and reminisced
And had been for once not lonely people

It tortured me and held me high
The memory of an aftertaste
The brimming of a hopeful heart
The ending of an endless start

When I left the park and all the dark
As if running to myself,
I just looked back and saw the dog
And the stranger was my self

October 2010

Strange Lovers in Darkness


The eye sees black
of an endless lack
lying on their back
Their feelings rather packed

The heart hears a beat
Of another part a heat
The pounding of deceit
In their loneliness they meet

A lover of the stranger kind
Of something bizarre to the mind
It flows inside the darkness
And mingles the now two blind

They long and burn inside
And shiver right outside
Where it’s cold and dark
Now the eyes with better sight

In the blackness of a quiet night
Filled with something of delight
The pounding stops
But the shivers not!

They intertwine afar
With the door just left ajar
And make a tiny movement
To bring close what’s far

Soft sounds with whispers delicate
Are heard in every silhouette
Shadows have stopped to be right now
their movements all deliberate!

There’s a moment of pure stillness
In the midst of all the madness
The sanity of a burning heart
Is long gone with the sadness

The heart has skipped a beat
It’s been silenced in defeat
It has given up and let go
Of all its rusty beats

A rhythm flows inside the room
Of navy blue and black maroon
The head does feel a nudge inside
Outside what’s felt’s a boom

Their eyes wide open meet right now
And feel the fear and don’t know how
They move inside the other’s torch
They speak with mere know-how

There’s a rush of something scary
There’s stillness; it’s all blurry
There’s a feeling of a love inside
Which flows right where it should be

They move to make it happen
It flows where they’ve never
ever been to, ever known of
But it’s happened like it’s never.

October 2011

Golden Power

New Picture (5)

In every fracture of a second
There is a secret which is hidden
It is a first, always the first
Yes, It can never be a second!

In all the moments of the hour,
There is an hour which stretches
It lingers more than mountains;
And it passes though it lingers

There is a secret in that moment
When the passing hours roam it
There is stillness through the passage
Where the souls of seconds travel

I am the victim of the hours
Though I can beat the odds of minutes
I am the sand inside the glass shield
And am in love with every moment

December 2010



To create and write a verse or two
Had been always my agenda
But this mental constipation
Had been something of forever

To be different, to be absolutely different;
Has never been and never will
Be something done so easily
Be something done that swiftly

To be the one with thunder thoughts
And to gleam with lightning strikes
Has never been an easy thing;
It has never been for everyone

The anger of a unicorn who
Gallops through stormy jungle
If even through the sunny fields,
Has always caused a fight or two

The danger of a growling ghoul
Amongst the rugged, rocky cliffs
If even through the blossom springs
Has ever been of no delight

And the soothing pain of sorrow
Of that bleeding heart of angels
Has always been, forever will
Be filled with something crimson

We’re the angels, we’re the giants
We’re the trotters through the jungles
We’re feisty through the blossoms
We will shout in silent valleys

We’re the cause of lightning thunders
We would growl in grueling anger
We are different, we are different
It’s not easy and never has been.

December 2010