© Kimia Rahgozar

An independent performer and maker, Sina found his path in the performing arts in 2012. He helped establish and co-found an independent dance collective called MaHa alongside seven other young artists in Tehran. This collective has had several successful dance initiatives in Iran including Iran’s first Body Movement festival in March 2016. His artistic journey is inspired much by the urgency of body-based practices as a means for artistic expression. In terms of practice, Sina is curious about the minimum 40-year gap that the art form of dance has faced in Iran and wonders where Iranian contemporary dance might be today. dealing with questions of identity rising out of a very particular context of post-Islamic Republic, he looks at elements within the Iranian culture and how they might still be relevant today within his and the broader context. in December 2017 he founded Kahkeshān; a community-based organization dedicated to dance research & creation. He works as an organizer in various projects within the Iranian dance community.