Gnossienne: No. 1

The cup I dropped
The water spilled.

Made me think of
When it brimmed;

Pink of yours
And all azure

Golden rays
In hazel locks.

Fingers played
But also Layed;

Love upon this lust,
Breeze upon this soul.

The cup I dropped
And nothing spilled;

Made me think of
When we poured.

Brimmed and rimmed
And rummaged

Poured until

29 September 2017





Your thoughts of thanatopsis-
Exuberance, fatigue,
Go gather in a bundle; many-toned.

On a day-not far from this-
Hoist it unfurled-
A thousand-colored, many-pieced sail.

Set out to the sea, Ulysses.
To the wind and-
Sail away.

Move with the wind and Lay.
Make love with the wind and sow.
Stay with the wind, Give all!

Let the breeze-
Be sieved in through your cells,
Leave you absolutely light.

Upon the surface-
Of the ocean.

No fear,
No death,

For barefoot were we born;
In every bivouac-

To our pain,
Our deprivation,
Our love and to our tears.

Each time-
Emerges a new air,
Man afresh.

To walk with death-
With none of dread.
Shamelessly disrobed.

December 2015

Composed in Farsi by Minoo Abtahi, Recreated in English by Sina Saberi


The monster is my friend,
Byronic hero is my love,
All filth I can behold;
And desires I can quench.

My sympathy for lust,
This schizophrenic love,
All tendency for bile-
Feels far from bizarre.

Eccentric is my name;
I’ve accepted me that way.
Except for one or two-
Of my many many selves.

I’m the liar whom to eyes-
Of yours does lie with ease.
I’m the angel who has wings-
You can’t see; it’s very dark.

I’m a thief, your trust I steal-
The moment that you blink.
I’m the masked man-
A plentiful of masks!

I’m selfish as narcissus,
And lonely as a cloud-
Whose fate is buried deep-
In Poseidon’s darkened realm.

I’m the magic that there is;
In drops of blood & waxing moons.
I’m the ominous attendant-
Of this epoch of beguile.

This life of mine, this lie-
It’s time I threw in fire.
This me on end I’ve dragged-
It’s time I dropped and died.

It’s a legacy of awe,
Forgetfulness of fish.
It’s piracy of hope,
It’s not real, nor is it not.

July 2015


These stories-
Have been told.
Let’s not forget.

These questions-
Have been asked
Though truly-
Never answered.

Much lie-
Has been told;
And retold-
And believed.

The eyes-
Have deceived,
Been deceived,
Looked away.

Have been read,
Beread and-

Yet have ached;
Been pained-
And paroled.

The story-
Has been told.
Of love-
In hearts of gold.

They laugh-
And they scorn;
What they-
Haven’t ever known.

It’s not-
For everyone to feel;
Even though-
It’s very simple.

You may feel-
Or have it ample.
You might falter-
And be gone.

Inner balance-
Shall be practiced.
Something new-
That I can preach?

Keep it real.
Oh what a sentence!
It deludes,
Only deludes.

We don’t truly know-
Each other,
One another-
And ourselves.

We are strangers
We’re unheard of,
We are aliens,

You don’t know me.
You don’t know you.
I know nothing.
We know none.

Maybe one thing-
In common-
Have we all…
Collective truth?

That fact that-
We need peace.
The truth beneath-
The promise.

The tale that-
Love is real.
Even though-
It does beguile.

Is that something that’s-
Been told?
Or retold?
Or never told?

Autumn 2017



Time to leave
A distant promise

Holding thoughts of-
What there was

Clinging not to-

What there was-
It merely was

A candle though in awe
I see fire, searing sun

Our meeting place was-
The cobweb

Interwoven threads
Of one

It shrinks right now
It fades

Drooping in the skies
‘We sag’ you say, we hang

We float in flowy matter
One touch, we fly away

It’s real though
Is it not?

The promise of-
The touch.

It burns though
Does it not?

Oozing fires-
Of the sun.

April 2015


Restless spirit
To me engaged

Silent kisses
Seeing to it that
I drown.

Passing moments
Never stay there
Only fade.

Countless visions
Taking all that which
Is theirs.

A fading promise
Failing efforts that

Grueling demons
Feeding on
My life.

Are you not?
Do you feel like-
You are gone?

Listless Whispers!
Minutes, Dreams…
Faith in Monsters,
Can you breathe?

February 2015


The mountains look upon us
On this very dreary day

I have just returned from Mars
My soul still in pieces

The peaks in many layers
Taking glances, very still

They know our very secret
Every notion we have hid

The sun is just a moment
It lingers when it shines

It takes beneath your look
A look of null; a look of awe

I try with all my being
Holding in what needs depart

An ache of misery redundant
A trace of life to be defied

The solar of your eyes
Meets the mars beneath my gaze

The tears of every sorrow
That I’ve shed to make it pour

It’s the mystery of tears;
Of fears, of fading hope

It’s pain beyond the stars
That has gathered in one soul

You look at me; I take it in
No longer do I feign

A burst of something rare
A bliss that comes to be

We cry, we shed; we look
We can no longer delude

You’re silent, very still
So fragile and spare

I brush away the tears
I look this pain away

To the mountains very far
To the cosmos far beyond

You keep looking, seeking more
Of this realness of a sigh

You’ve no words though to describe
This moment of your life

You lay silently
To die?

November 2014