a trisha brown ‘early work’ repertory

© Klaartje Lambrechts . May 2015 . Tehran

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In the summer of 2015, Saba Nazi Enjileh who is a Tehran-based dance artist (formerly associated with ICCD) proposed the idea of doing a repertory of Trisha Brown’s early work in Tehran. Eleven dancers gathered to make the project happen; Saba herself, 4 dancers from MaHa Collective and 6 freelance dance artists, some also associated with ICCD & MaHa. After intensive rehearsals with Trisha’s works (line-up, floor of the forest, group primary accumulation, leaning duets, sticks etc.) and after difficulties in finding a suitable venue to do the repertory in, we were able to perform the repertory in The Sa’dabad Palace. On 26th & 27th of May we did the repertory and the event was open to public. As the palace is used after the Islamic revolution as a museum, there is always locals as well as tourists visiting and the performance received attention and feedback from the people who normally don’t get to see such events, especially work that is presented outside of theater venues which are still almost the only venues to find dance-related work.

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