From Kahkeshān’s first Astr*lab [Movement Research Formation] which was shaped in November 2018, four dance artists were invited by me to start a period of reflection. Alireza Bahramizade, Speideh Molavi, Nima Hosseinzadeh & Shakiba Soltani are the dance artists who for me represent the next generation of our growing community.

We would gather 3 times a week , 3 hours each day, to put in our questions related to our understanding of the body, movement and ultimately choreography. we would touch upon topics out of dance history, looking at theoretic and living references, techniques and practices which have shaped what we might consider as contemporary dance until this day.

The first phase of this process continued until March 2019 and between April and September 2019, we will be shaping a more practical step called Elephant. in this step, we seek to focus more on the physicality of this research by studying ways that our discoveries could be shared or “demonstrated”.

This is an ongoing, open-ended, ever-shifting creative process.

On the 29th of August 2019, we will be sharing for the first time this process with people within the framework of Gravity Sharing Event initiated by Kahkeshān.